Finding The Perfect Sleeper Sofa Bed

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Defining the concept of a sleeper sofa

A vital question to address, is”what are sleeper couches really?” Also called a’sofa bed,’ these are basically couches with a foldaway bed under the seats. They are generally easy to simply’pull out’ in circumstances where an extra bed is needed, and they’re certainly more comfortable than overnighting on a couch.

The design is such that it hides a bed underneath the seat cushions of the couch, by means of a folding frame and mattress. In effect to start the bed – you need to take the seat off cushions to be able to unfold the mattress, via pulling on a handle or metal bar, which will lift and enlarge the framing.

Buying guide:

Kinds of Sleepers

Sleepers can vary in their shape and size that may range from a sleeper seat and double-seated sofa sofa (that typically expand to a double bed size) to more spacious units, like a queen and sectional beds (offering more comfort than smaller variants). When making your purchase – ensure to take appropriate measurements of your available space, before going to a store (to be sure the unit will fit once the bed was expanded).

Mattresses to Blend

An important aspect to listen to, when you’re selecting a particular sort of unit, is its own mattress. Through time, and especially recently, manufacturers have especially improved the mattresses that go inside the sofas. Sleeper sofas are now often available with an assortment of mattress options – from nearly 13cm coils, memory foam, an air and coil combination and’gel-infused’ memory foam. If you’re looking for something versatile that will suit the needs of a diverse range of users, including yourself, ensure you ask for a bed retailer’s expert advice.

5 Benefits:

1. Kids’ slumber parties and sleepovers

Having a sleeper couch in your living room or spare room offers an easy go-to as soon as your kids have their friends over for a slumber party or simply only a movie night. Besides that it offers a great alternative to having children sleep head-to-toe with their friends – it can also lessen the late night noise by way of being farther away from the bedroom!

2. Guests that only stay a night or two

These types of expandable couch-beds are bound to be a handy and useful addition to your living room when your’overeager jolly drunk’ friend needs to crash for the night or your relatives wish to keep overnight. It provides a more suitable and comfy sleeping option than a troublesome air mattress.


If you want to avoid grabbing whichever contagious illness your spouse has or prevent your one child catch the others’ cold/flu – sending them to sleep in the living room or den will keep you comfortable and healthy while you steer clear of the germs.

If someone is unable to climb stairs and/ or is bedridden – with a sleeper downstairs might be their salvation. Being able to park an old or injured relative in front of the TV on the sleeper could save you and them lots of hassle.

4. Air-BnB bed

If you rent out your home from time-to-time to journeys – adding more sleeping space could be in your favor. By having the ability to accommodate more people – you’ll have the ability to charge more for the same space. As an alternative, you could transform your living space or an additional room into a rentable room, with minimal distance, by adding a few basic appliances etc..

5. Emergency bed

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